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Collectors Corner


  Lander Blue - Lander Blue turquoise is considered the most valuable turquoise in the world and has become the most sought after. The Lander Blue mine, in Lander County Nevada, produced very little turquoise, all blue spider web, making it some of the rarest and most beautiful available today. When you buy Lander Blue from Nevada Gem you are buying directly from the owner of the Lander Blue mine. Every cab of Lander Blue comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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LANDER BLUE mine, Nevada
collector 607
#607L .61ct, 4 x 4 mm. Price $80 per ct
Lander Blue cab SOLD
collector 608
#608L .67ct, 5 x 5 mm. Price $80 per ct
Lander Blue very small Snake-eye cab,
for the collector or as an accent stone SOLD
collector 609
#609L .825ct, 7.5 x 5 mm. Price $100 per ct
Small Lander Blue SOLD
collector 610
#610L .27ct, 4 x 3 mm. Price $80 per ct
Lander Blue small Snake-eye cab SOLD
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