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Sleeping Beauty MineThe Sleeping Beauty turquoise mine is located in Globe, Arizona. It derives its name from the Sleeping Beauty Mountain in the area and at one time was part of the Copper Cities copper operation. The mine produces a uniform light to medium blue turquoise. Because of its uniformity it has been a favorite of the Zuni Pueblo. Silversmiths there often use it in inlay, petit point and needlepoint, and matched jewelry sets. Sleeping Beauty TurquoiseThe Sleeping Beauty mine has been one of the larger producers of turquoise in the country, although today less good turquoise is being produced than in the passed.

Sleeping Beauty has never been considered a hard turquoise and it has never been talked about in that same sense as many of the classic Nevada mines. But its beautiful clear blue colors mirror the blues of the sky and makes Sleeping Beauty, in every sense of the word, a true "Skystone."

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Stormy Mountain Mine in Elko County, Nevada produced an extremely high quality turquoise. Found in the early 1970’s when a new road to an old copper mine was being bulldozed. For the most part the turquoise is a very hard, medium to dark blue material flecked with black chert. In the best grades the veins can run up to one inch thick. Turquoise from this mine is rarely seen today.

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The turquoise that comes out of Tibetan today is usually antique material and is of a medium to dark green nature, do to the natural oils from being worn overtime. It usually has a strong black matrix. Fine blue material has been available, though rare in today’s market. The Tibetans considered turquoise to be a powerful stone and many wear it for the good fortune in brings. The Tibetan people have worn turquoise in every form. There has been little information concerning the mining of turquoise in Tibet. Both Pogue and Branson in their books on turquoise list four areas were turquoise has been found. Because of Tibetan turquoise’s antique nature and strong color the cabochons and beads of this material make fine jewelry especially when set in gold.

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