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Cripple Creek TurquioseThe Cripple Creek turquoise mine is located in Teller County, Colorado near the town of Cripple Creek. Miners searching for gold in the area discovered turquoise. Cripple Creek is a very hard material, running to over 7 on the Moh’s scale, with a color varying from blue green to a true turquoise blue color. Sometimes found with a golden limonite matrix. It is seen as vein material and in nodules.

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Damele MineThe Damele is a small mine about 30 miles northeast of Austin, Nevada. It sits adjacent to the Godber-Burnham claim. Very little Damele is being produced today and presently much is cut from older rough that can still be found from various turquoise dealers and collectors. Most of the material found today is a variscite, although some turquoise is still available. Damele is extremely hard, takes a nice polish and comes in a variety of colors from yellow, gold, greens and grays with a fine spider webbing. At its best it can be a beautiful gemstone. It is a well known mine with highly sought after cabochons and beads.

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The Darling Darlene was a small mine in Northern Nevada which produced a beautiful turquoise. Colors from the mine ranged from green to blue green and from a light blue to a deep blue. Discovered by Joe Barredo in 1972 and named for a daughter, the mine was never more than a few man operation and production was low. In the early 1980’s the Darling Darlene was leased by Erman Blossom and a partner. Today the area is involved in gold production.


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