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Easter Blue TurquoiseThe Easter Blue mine is located northwest of Tonopah, Nevada a few miles from the Royston district. Turquoise from this claim has also been called Blue Mountain and Blue Gem. Compared to some of the other deposits in Nevada, the Easter Blue was never considered a large producer and changed hands a number of times. The deposit was discovered in 1907 by Lew Cirac who then sold it to Lee Hand in 1915. Hand leased the Easter Blue to W.R. Gilbert who produced about 100 pounds of fine turquoise from the surface. A few owners later the mine produced 300 pound a month for nearly four years. The mine was later sold to Peter King, of Manassa, Colorado and was operated once again as the Easter Blue.

The turquoise occurs as thin veinlets though some nodules were found. The first material found was a fine blue color, later the mine produced a blue green turquoise with a light to dark brown matrix.

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The Fox mine, once known as the Cortez, has been one of the largest producing mines in Nevada for almost a century. An official notice of location on the property under the name of "Fox Lode Mining Claim" was filed in 1914 by Charles Schmidtlein and Johnnie Francis. It had been mined in prehistoric times and had been known for years to the Indians of the area before the filed claim. The Fox mine is located in Lander County near Crescent Valley, Nevada. After going through numerous owners the mine was purchased in the 1940’s by Dowell Ward who continued the Fox’s development into Nevada’s most productive mine.
The Fox mine is said to have produced more turquoise than all other mines in Nevada put together. With at least 500,000 pounds mined by 1968 and for years producing more than 2,000 pounds per month. The mining operation continued to produce turquoise in quantity after 1968 and is still producing today. Fox turquoise is quite hard and runs from shades of green to an aqua blue color. It is found as both nuggets and vein material.

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